Manymoons – Fairey Swordsman

The model is a one twelfth scale Fairey Swordsman offshore cruiser popular in the 1960’s and ’70’s and manufactured by Fairy Marine.

The model is built from a kit manufactured by Aerokits, purchased and only partly completed in 1963. Until recently it had resided for nearly 50 years in various lofts and garages.

Restoration of the boat started late in 2009 and took 18 months to complete. It has been fitted with a modern electric motor instead of the original glowplug diesel engine. Two channel radio control has also been fitted.

The name ‘Manymoons’ is from the time it took to complete the model – some 50 years – hence many moons!

Waveney Class Lifeboat, 44-016
“Ralph & Joy Swann”

The Waveney class of lifeboats were based on a design used by the US Coast Guard. They were the first all steel lifeboats used by the RNLI and were fast at 14 knots compared to the 9 knots of existing boats. A total of 21 Waveney’s were built and 44-016 was based at Ramsgate from 1976-1990. She saved 206 lives.

The model is based on a kit by Billings of the US Coast Guard and is 1/20th scale. The cabins have been covered in litho plate impressed to represent rivets. The cockpit has been extended and window frames made in etched brass, commissioned from phd-design. The name boards and numbers on the rear cabin were produced by Model Flags.

It is powered by two brushless motors with electronic speed controllers supplied by Mtroniks.