Engineering and forums
SADMES Facebook page! – our club Facebook page
Mini-lathe – is an extensive information resource for mini lathes. A Beginners dream.
Model Engineer forum – The main UK forum for general model engineering. Run by the publishers of Model Engineer and Model Engineers Workshop The MEW editor is a regular poster along with some SADMES members. A useful place to go for quick advice.
Home Shop Machinist forum – the leading American hobby forum run by the magazine of the same name with quite a few UK model engineers posting regularly
Homeworkshop – A free advert site for model engineering tools. Run by ‘His Lordship’ John S a regular on the above forums. Things often appear here from people who don’t do auctions. The site also has a forum that is little used but worth occasional checks.
Madmodders forum – A general moddel engineering forum. The well known Youtube filmer Doubleboost posts on here.
Tracton talk forum – Main UK forum for traction engine builders. Has a number of build threads on popular models.
Watchmaking site – An interesting site for clock & watch makers with details of his work and a information on the tools he uses.
Model engine forum – model engine maker forum mostly for steam stationary engines.
Scale Hardware – provide model builders and micro engineers with miniature hardware. Based in the USA.
How to make whistles – Whistle making instructions
CMRA – Chiltern Model Railway Association
Northernfed – Northern Federation of Model Engineering Societies
Blackgates – Blackgates supplier of model engineering components
Antique – Antique steam, a trader in steam models.
Live Steam – Live steam models, Quite a few traction engine kits and a trader in steam models.
Reeves2000 – Model Engineering suppliers
Maxitrack – Model Engineering suppliers
Steam Days – Trader in model steam
Phoenix – Phoenix Locomotives Ltd are produces of model locomotives and rolling stock
Polly – Suppliers to the Model Engineering hobby. Including Locomotive kits
MPBA – Motor Power Boat Association
Howes – Model shop and supplies
Model Boat Mayhem – Loads of stuff for boats including the main boating forum in the uk. They also host a rally each year. – A very popular model boat forum. 
Rob’s Fireboat Build Blog – Club member Rob’s boating build blog on the Model-Boats website.
Modelboats forum – Not as popular as Mayhem this is the magazine forum.  
Paddleducks – The home of paddle steamer modelling enthusiasts from around the world
IC Engines
Model Engine News – The site for IC Engines still there but now mothballed.
Hemingway Kits – A British firm that supplies casting and materials for a whole range of tool designes that have apeared in ME over the years, and some IC engines.
Local Clubs
Guildford – Guildford model engineering society
NLSME – The North London Society of Model Engineers
HWSME – Harrow and Wembley Model Engineers
IDSME – Ickenham and District Society of Model Engineers
HDSME – Hatfield and District Society of Model Engineers
Luton MBC – Luton Model Boat Club
Welwyn SME – Welwyn Garden City Model Engineering Club
EDMES – Exeter & District Model Engineering Society